Partridge Chantecler

A True Dual Purpose Breed

Partridge Chantecler Hen

Dr. J. E. Wilkinson of Alberta developed the Partridge variety a decade or two later by crossing the Partridge Wyandotte, Partridge Cochin, Dark Cornish, and the Rose Comb Brown Leghorn. Partridge Chanteclers were admitted into the Standard in 1935.

  • Dual purpose –both meat and egg production
  • Cold hardy - small comb/wattles along with abundant feathering for warmth
  • Alert, energetic and active - good forager
  • Well fleshed breast and plump thighs on the table
  • Slow growing  - 16+ weeks to processing
  • Rooster weight 8 ½ lbs +, Hen weight 6 ½ lbs +
  • Laying maturity 7-8 months of age 
  • Light to medium brown eggs – medium to large size
  • Good winter layer - year-round average of 3-4 eggs per week 
  • Faithful sitters and mothers – are good “broody” hens


Partridge Chantecler Rooster     




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