Pasture Rotated Eggs

Integrity Food, Beyond Organic!!

We label ourselves as "Beyond Organic". Our hens are raised out on the pasture and rotated on fresh greens where they can express their designed nature as chickens. We are dedicated in providing a place where our chickens can live in a stress free environment. Our feed is non-GMO and produced at a local partnering mill.

"“Certified Organic.” Production methods must comply with the USDA National Organic Program, including organic, vegetarian feed, no use of antibiotics and no cages. Debeaking and forced molting by starvation are allowed. Organic standards require producers to “maintain livestock living conditions which accommodate the health and natural behavior of the animals.” How much access to the outdoors this requires for chickens is still being hotly debated. At this time, on large organic chicken farms, it may mean nothing more than a small door opening onto a concrete yard." Mother Earth News


 Benefits of Pasture Rotated Eggs

• 1⁄3 less cholesterol
• 1⁄4 less saturated fat
• 2⁄3 more vitamin A
• 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
• 3 times more vitamin E

• 7 times more beta carotene

• 5 times more vitamin D


We sale our eggs for $6.00 a dozen.

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