Pastured Poultry

Our Philosophy

Firm Foundation Farms pastured poultry are raised on fresh green pasture, where they can eat greens and bugs, and fed non-GMO local feed. They are moved daily to fresh pasture, where no chemicals or pesticides are used. By raising our poultry this way it allows for a cleaner, healthier, happier environment. It also allows our chickens to express their natural behaviors. All of our poultry are harvested humanely at a state-inspected processing facility.


Our chicks are raised in a brooder for 3 weeks, before moved to pasture in our Mobile Hoop House. Here in the brooder they are raised in deep bedding out of the weather and given plenty of heat, water, grit, and feed.

Chicks in Our Brooder


Our 12' x 8' Mobile Hoop House is a multi-purpose hoop house made of cattle panel. Once our chicks graduate from the brooder they will live the rest of their life in our Mobile Hoop House. Here they can forage, scratch, run around, and express their natural designed nature. The Mobile Hoop House will be moved daily for access to fresh greens and bugs.


At about 7 to 8 weeks our broilers, and our standard bred birds at about 16 to 24 weeks, will be processed humanly at a state inspected facility (Cobb Creek Farm).




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