Pastured Poultry Share

Community Supported Agriculture

 Pastured Broilers-Cornish Cross

Why get a Chicken Share?

  • Enjoy the highest quality and tastiest pastured meat available
  • Our chickens are well-cared for, raised locally and butchered using humane methods.
  • Know where your food comes from
  • Support our local farmers and local economy
  • Enjoy health benefits of pasture-based food
  • Convenient monthly pickup

How Does it Work?

Our Chicken Shares run year-round and is divided into 3 seasons (Early, Mid, and Late). You buy a share and each month, for that specific season, you will receive your pasture raised chicken.

What Will I Receive Each Month?

Each season consist of 4 months: Early/Jan-April, Mid/May-August, and Late/Sept-Dec. Monthly at your specific pick up point, you will receive 4 chickens averaging about 4/lbs each.

How Much Does it Cost?

For one season our Chicken Share cost $310. You can choose to pay in payments or in full. If you pay in payments then a $150 deposit will be requested and then billed $40 each month for the remaining season. If you pay in full you will get a $10 discount.

How Do I Sign Up and Pay?

 If you prefer to pay by check please contact us so that we can make arrangements. Online payments are received below through PayPal.


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