Rey's Gourmet Chicken

Where we breed the best and eat the rest!!

Rey's Gourmet Chickens have the original chicken flavor we had before the evolution of the Cornish Cross. These birds were all bred originally for dual purpose and flavor! All of our breeds are bred to their standard, and no other. Rey's Gourmet Chicken is far superior to any pastured broiler, in flavor and in beauty!! We take pride in our birds and are our favored of all. Rey's Gourmet Chickens are what we call slow food. They take double or triple the time to grow than the Cornish Cross, which gives us the edge on flavor! So try one of our birds, and see, what our grandparents chicken used to taste like! Mmm! Mmm! Good!

Remember, we must eat these birds, to keep them alive!

You can reserve one of Rey's Gourmet Chickens by emailing us. Our birds sell for $6.59/lb. We try to achieve a 5/lb carcass on our birds.

Breeds we currently offer:

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