Firm Foundation Farms

Who We Are

About the Sosa's


Firm Foundation Farms is a local farm owned and operated by Rey and Maria Sosa.


As a young child Rey has fond memories of his grandparents teaching him how to farm and garden. In 1998, Rey and Maria were married. Living in town allowed only a small backyard garden and an occasional rabbit for the children. In 2012, they moved to the suburbs of Houston. After 18 years of that, it was time to go back to the land. Especially, in a time like now, when we really don't know where our food comes from, or how its raised.  

So, in March of 2015, they purchased 10 acres of land to pursue their small homestead dream with the hope of raising their own meats and growing there own fruits and veggies. As they raise their own meat for a family of 6, they would like to share with you the best quality local meat around!

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